Why trust SOVAK MANAGEMENT INC. with your property management?

Currently, anyone who wants to be called a condominium manager can give themselves that title without having to go through any sort of regulating organization. Since management work requires a great amount of rigour and the mastery of numerous skills, simply calling yourself a manager can lead to serious issues.

Choosing a manager is vital to the success of your syndicate.

The conservation of your real estate..

Our management methods and activities are focused on conserving your real estate, reducing your expenses, and maximizing your revenue.

Our administrative skills.

Expérience in project management and finanacial monitoring and recognized by the Ordre des Administrateurs Agrées du Québec.

Our technical skills.

Our managers are also engineers and members of the Ordre des ingénieurs and have the management and property maintenance experience necessary to get the job done.

Our relational skills.

These skills are essential parts of communication and healthy property management! Our property managers are diplomats; courteous, professional, attentive, and focused on your tenant’s and co-owner’s satisfaction.


  • Responsive: 90% of emails and telephone calls are processed within 24 hours
  • Customer service: Resolving co-owner issues is our top priority
  • Building familiarity: Managers visit the building whenever necessary
  • Rigour and transperency: Financial records and books (including bills) are accessible in real time on our extranet
  • Sound advice: Our experience in technical building management makes us capable of helping our clients make choices everyday

Professional liability insurance

As members of two professional organizations, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) and the Ordres des Administrateurs Agrée du Québec (ADMA), respecting the ethical and professional codes is part of our business ethics. One of the requirements to be part of these two organizations is to hold a professional indemnity policy which allows the insured party to address the legal obligation of reparations in the case of injury caused by another. When you do business with SOVAK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC., you will be protected from all allegations of errors or omissions, as well as negligent acts.


With our service, your assigned manager will take charge of your income properties/condominiums. This manager will do everything in their power to create and maintain a relationship with you that is based on trust, transparency, and honestly. To be able to respond to your needs, SOVAK PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC. maintains the perfect ratio of properties per manager.


Your manager will be able to take advantage of a multitude of specialized real estate resources, including engineers, plumbers, electricians, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, and real estate agents just to name a few. Your property manager will always make sure that you are getting the best price-quality ration on these services, from physical labor to the materials used. They can also rely on a team of assistants and associates who are able to help speed up request processing.